The softest, gentlest, most realistic and direct approach to exploring and re-evaluating where, when and how a relationship should continue or end. This should be on the "Relationship Recommended Reading" list for us all.
~ Jane Toombs (
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BEFORE YOU LEAVE...End with Love
by Helen Dahlhauser

The Relationship Question
What do you do when you suspect that your relationship is nearing the end and you have to decide whether to stay or leave? The answer to that question can have a profound effect on the rest of your life.

Does Love Have to End?
Before You Leave may appear to be a book about endings, and it is. But it's also about beginnings and the wonderful things that can happen when you learn to end with love. This book is, at its heart, about healing and growth and self-discovery.

A Richer Life and Deeper Relationships
If your ultimate choice is to end your relationship, you will be able to end with love and create new relationships that are as rewarding, nurturing, and lasting as you always hoped they could be.

AS A THERAPIST WHO HAS HELPED HUNDREDS OF COUPLES make the decision to stay or leave, I have developed a relationship process that can help you learn, heal, and make the best possible decision for your unique situation. Before You Leave is your guide through the process of
ending (or staying) with love.

I invite you to join the many people (myself included) who have used this process to create a richer life and deeper relationships.

-- HELEN DAHLHAUSER, Relationship Therapist